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Prisoner Connections, LLC


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Petition for Increased Gain Time or Parole

Posted on August 31, 2017 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (17)

Hello Friends, is a group of people connected to inmates serving time in Florida.  They are your lobbiests.  A current Petition is circulating seeking to have Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature increased gain time allowances and/or implement a Parole System in Florida; one that works.  Currently, the only people who are eligible for parole are those who committed their crimes before 1983 or committed a first degree murder before mid-1993 or capital sexual battery before mid-1994.  Governmor Scott has said he wanted to implement a Parole System in Florida like the Texas Parole System.  Our Parole Systen is ineffective and broken.  Inmates need incentives to rehabilitate and change; change is hard but possible.  By encouraging criminals to participate in rehabilitative programs like vocational, educational and self-help groups, society as a whole is benefited.  Most of the inmates serving time in Florida are going to get out, it's better to have rehabilitated inmates released who have lower recividism rates than to "warehouse" prisoners then just release these non-rehabilitated angry people back into our society.  The system is broken and it is time for change.  Please consider signing the petition and donating to this worthy cause.

I've provided the link to the Petition below.