Prisoner Connections, LLC


A paralegal firm created to help attorneys serve Florida prisoners and their families in state and federal post conviction and appellate litigation.

Prisoner Connections is a paralegal service company.  We are not attorneys and we are not a lawyer referral service.  Through the over 25 years of paralegal experience, I have formed relationships with qualified attorneys in the area of criminal appellate and post conviction law. The focus of Prisoner Connections, LLC, is to provide low cost paralegal support services directly to these qualified attorneys in our effort to help provide competent  legal representation to the prison population through these client attorneys. Prisoner Connections, LLC, does not offer legal services directly to the public. We do provide timely, comprehensive and professional paralegal services to Florida Bar certified attorneys practicing in the criminal appellate and post-conviction areas of the law. 
     It has also been my experience that many times inmates do not even know that they have an illegal sentence or a conviction that can be lawfully challenged under Florida's complex rules. For this reason, a primary focus of our service is the offering of comprehensive case review services to Florida prisoners performed under the supervision of our client attorneys  at a reduced rate.  Please click on the "Services" tab above and read more about the case review process or have your attorney, family or friends call us, or any of the attorneys listed on this website under the "Our Team" tab, and we will review your case to ascertain what legal remedies are available to you for a very low fee.

Prisoner Connections, LLC provides paralegal support to lawyers practicing in the areas of:

  •  Case Reviews to determine what meritorious grounds exist for challenging a conviction and/or sentence

  • Direct Appeals & Belated Appeals

  • Post Conviction Motions Per Criminal Rules 3.800, 3.801, 3.850, and 3.853

  • Petitions Alleging Ineffective Assistance of Appellate Counsel Per Appellate Rule 9.141

  • Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions

  •   Applications For Clemency Review & Parole

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements.  Before you decide, ask any law firm mentioned in this publication to send you free written information about their qualifications.